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“Working with Susan has put a whole new and refreshing perspective on a career of almost twenty years. With her help, we identified my specific characteristics and values and how they influenced certain reactions in the workplace. Susan got to the heart of problems that had clearly limited my progress. Her experience, adept ability to focus head-on with the issues is invaluable. It goes to show that no matter what stage you are at in your career, with the help of an experienced professional, such as Susan, you will clear the path to a better more rewarding career in all aspects. Having worked for some of the top hedge funds in both Europe and the United States, my challenges and difficult experiences were explained to me through the Myers Briggs exercise, as well as a detailed analysis of my processes. After Susan's patience, help and advice, I am on an even better path and finally feel I have my career mojo back!” Hedge Fund Manager, London/NY

“I like your straight and direct approach which coupled with a broking background gives you a hugely individual and advantageous perspective to financial services Ė we did not duck too many issues or hurdles in my mind and I always felt that I ended each session with a clear plan of action” Financial Services Executive Search, London

“Even this cynic is a convert. Thank you for your help coaching my managing directors through the annual appraisal process -it went very smoothly and the feedback has been great” Head of Equities - Investment Bank, London

“With her wealth of real-world experience in large corporate institutions, Susan has a full understanding of the challenges faced working in such environments and how to juggle that with a life outside that workplace. The main result of my course with Susan has been to create a long term vision and objectives, something Iíd never done before. Having just got married, this dovetailed very well with also creating my vision for my marriage and private life. This has been invaluable. The best day to day results have come in the form of self-organisational skills, neuro-linguistic programming and transactional analysis which are essential in my line of business and has given me a fresh outlook on how to deal with challenging situations which require delicate and understanding handling. I just wish Iíd done this about 15 years ago!” Ship Broker, London

“Through the techniques that Susan has taught and coached me on I have gained a lot more confidence in myself and my abilities both in and outside the workplace. I feel more in control and on top of both the departmental goals and objectives and also my own work streams. The coaching I received has left me with a greater feeling of self-belief and has helped immeasurably with my stress levels. My organisational skills are far better and my interaction with my work colleagues is far easier. The department I lead is starting to be respected more by other departments and people are seeking my opinion far more often now.”Head of Investor Relations, Global Consumer Goods Company, London

“Susan has very much helped me make the transition to managing a bigger team and more responsibilities. I have a better understanding of my strengths and my teamís strengths and I think Iím using everyoneís skills in a much more productive way now. Iíve become more specific in delegating tasks which is resulting in more successful outcomes and Iíve become better at saying no to some less important requests. All together much improved”Equity Research Team Manager, London

“I learnt a lot about myself. Thank you so much.. I now understand why I did not make my last promotion and have a plan in place to achieve it next year”Marketing Executive -UK Media, London/Los Angelos

“I found Susan to be a true professional. The sessions that I had with her were very engaging. Susan pushes you to think and challenge yourself rather than provide you with solutions. Her coaching was applicable for my transition into a new role. I have applied some of Susanís techniques and have seen some positive results in my career development. I would highly recommend Susan as a coach to anyone seeking a career coach.”Associate Director ĖInfrastructure, Investment Bank, London

“Coaching has made me much more conscious of how I fit into the broader picture and what I need to do to succeed and help others succeed. I have a stronger awareness of what others respond to and am now tailoring my interactions accordingly. Well done to Susan for taking the time to listen carefully, understand and plan the sessions to make the most out of them. There was genuine care and attention poured into and it certainly makes a difference to work with someone who is clearly passionate about their work.”Equity Research Team Manager -Investment Bank, London