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Coaching is a process to help someone improve their performance and reach their potential by:

• Raising awareness

• Focussing attention

• Identifying different ways to act

• Generating responsibility to follow through

To achieve the desired outcomes, the following coaching tools or methods (to name just a few) would be used in a series of bespoke one-to-one coaching sessions, VIP days or workshops:

• 'Certified High Performance curriculum'

• MBTI Assessments (Myers Briggs)

• Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

• GROW Model

• Transactional Analysis

• Johari Window

• SMART goals

• Management/Leadership Wheel

• Beliefs/Values Work (personal ‘Iceberg’)

• Personal Resource Management (PRM)

• The Passion Test

• Emotions and Behaviours in the Workplace (EBW) profiles

• Jack Canfield's 'Success Principles'

• 'The Energy Engagement Model'